Welcome to the resource that can help change the world for the better. Our mission is to advance technologies that cost-effectively convert BIOWASTE into sustainable construction materials as well as consumer products.

BIOWASTE is organic matter, such as food scraps and food waste that ranges from disposals across the supply chain from farming to grocery stores. BIOWASTE is also defined as human sewage and animal manure as well as spent grain from facilities like breweries and distilleries. Even sawdust and biodegradable construction waste fall into the category of BIOWASTE. The amount of waste is staggering with over 100 billion lbs of food waste each year that burdens landfills that are in many places reaching capacity.

Please note that BIOWASTE is not the same as BioHazard waste or BioMedical waste, which is certainly a growing problem. The focus of the BIOWASTE CENTER is on resource recovery of organic waste that has been underutilized to date.